Foster Care - Wilmington

On November 30th, 2013, The Arc of North Carolina was licensed by NC Department of Health and Human Services as a Child Placing Agency. Foster Care is designed to be a temporary service provided to children who are in need of a safe, nurturing family setting in which to grow, heal, and hopefully achieve a successful family plan. Foster Care is provided by trained qualified Foster parent(s), who are willing to provide total care of the child and participate in the current family plan for the child. Each foster home must be licensed through the NC Division of Social services Regulatory and Licensing Service.

Currently, we are serving Southeastern N.C., our office is in Wilmington.

All children deserve a family, who cares for them and offers a safe nurturing home. Our Foster parents stand ready to provide supports to the children and their families to achieve with us, their reunification and family goals. We strive to discover the best practice in Foster care, we follow a recovery model. We must have a clear understanding of what the child and family’s definition of recovery means. Recovery is as unique as the child and their family.

Youth who have been in the foster care system for a longer period of time recovery includes recovery from the effects of being in foster care as well. Too many children in foster care experience multiple disruptions resulting in having to move from one foster home to the next, making an already difficult experience worse. The Arc of NC’s strategy to address disruptions in foster care requires matching foster parent skills to the needs of foster children. We strive to have as few changes in their life as possible, such as keeping them in their current schools, being able to continue to attend the church of their choice, maintaining connections to their community, natural supports, and in contact with extended family members.

The mission of The Arc of NC is reflected in the high level of support for our foster families, and the families and children in our care. The heart of our success relies on the relationships between Family Supports Managers, Foster Parent(s) and the child and families, and the wider team. Trust is essential! We must communicate a sense of hope and unconditional acceptance to families facing what seems like insurmountable challenges. We believe in a strong community partnership that collectively addresses the needs of children in foster care and their families. We bring a hopeful outlook to those faced with many challenges and support the successful reunification of families.

Find out more by calling The Arc of NC’s toll free number: 800-662-8706