Other Supports

The Arc of North Carolina's state funded supports (Non-Medicaid) provides assistance to people with dual diagnoses and significant disabilities.

The process begins by understanding the needs of the person and building the individualized supports necessary to assist achievement of goals. Each person's unique, personal networks are supported and enhanced, and incorporated into services to help foster independence and success in the community. Community Coaches design and provide individualized supports which build on the strengths and the gifts of each person receiving supports.

State Funded Supports (Non-Medicaid) may include:

• Personal Assistance Services
• Independent Living Services
• Supervised Living Services
• Links to community resources and other services
• Training at home and in the community
• Emphasis on medical issues and concerns
• Academic support for students
• Transportation training and assistance
• Training on health and safety issues
• Advocacy and coaching in self-advocacy

Find out more by calling The Arc of NC’s toll free number: 800-662-8706