Medicaid Transformation: Launch of the Tailored Plan Updated to December 2022

Posted by The Arc of North Carolina

The Arc of North Carolina has been notified by North Carolina DHHS that the launch of the Medicaid Tailored Plan will now launch in December 2022. The plan was originally scheduled to launch in July 2022. The additional time will allow managed care organizations to work through challenges they’ve faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NC DHHS has released a document with new information regarding the updated launch of the Tailored Plan. You can view the document by clicking this link: 

Tailored Plan is a plan for how the state will manage costs for health and medical services for a "tailored" population with more intense needs. Most people with (IDD), severe mental illness (MI) and severe substance use (SU) disorders will be covered under the Tailored Plan. This is the state's way of combining the long-term services and supports for this group with their medical services under managed care. Most or all of the current LME/MCOs will become the Tailored Plan providers.

The Arc of North Carolina will release more information about the Tailored Plan as it becomes available.

If you have questions regarding the services you receive or how the Tailored Plan will affect you, contact your LME/MCO . You can also contact The Arc of North Carolina at 1-800-662-8706 or