2021 Advocacy Wins

Posted by The Arc of North Carolina

Through the continued advocacy efforts of our staff, Board of Directors, and the people we support, there were many achievements during the past year.

Group Home Stabilization. Added $10 million recurring each year of the biennium for group home stabilization

Supplemental short-term assistance for group homes. $1.8 million supplemental short-term assistance for group homes

Increase Innovations Waiver slots by 1,000 to help reduce the Registry of Unmet Needs (RUN). The final budget includes 1,000 Innovations Waiver slots.

Passage of the No Patient Left Alone Act. This law went into effect on November 1, 2021. It allows parents and caregivers of people with disabilities to have someone with them in a hospital or long-term care setting during a health emergency.

COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritization for People with Disabilities. In March 2021, Secretary Mandy Cohen prioritized people with intellectual and developmental disabilities on the COVID-19 vaccine schedule. This allowed people with IDD to get the COVID-19 vaccine earlier than other groups due to their increased risk of health complications.

Directs DHHS to develop a plan for adequate provider supply for services provided through the Innovations Waiver.

Continue Medicaid eligibility to twelve months postpartum for new moms.

Resume funding for adult and pediatric TBI pilot.

Increase rates to ICFs for direct care worker wages.

Increase rates to HCBS providers to increase direct care worker wages.

Increase private duty nursing rates.

$25 million in nonrecurring funds to establish the Children with Disabilities Reserve.