2020 Award Nominations Process

Posted by The Arc of North Carolina
You are invited to nominate outstanding individuals and organizations for awards to be presented at The Arc of North Carolina's Rooted in Advocacy conference in Winston Salem.  The Awards Banquet and Dinner will be held on Thursday, March 12th.  
Awards given by The Arc make a statement about who we are and what we value as an organization. Nominations should reflect the mission, core values and official position statements of The Arc. Nominees will be judged on the impact they have made in furthering The Arc’s commitment to community inclusion. 
1. Provide the chapter name and person to be contacted about the nomination if there are questions. 
2. Identify the category the nomination is being submitted for- a list of categories follows this page. 
3. List the agency or person’s name exactly as it should appear on the plaque. 
4. Provide contact information for the nominee (must include email address).
5. Include supporting documentation (letters of support, local award programs, brochures, newspaper articles, video, etc.) as one attachment.
6. Submit to The Arc of NC office by close of business January 31, 2019. 
Nominations should be submitted via e-mail to mplue@arcnc.org. Please send accompanying information/documentation as a PDF attachment, but ONE EMAIL per nomination, please. If you must mail the nomination packet, please use the following address:
The Arc of North Carolina 
Attn: Melinda Plue/RIA 2019 AWARDS 
353 East Six Forks Road, Suite 300 
Raleigh, NC  27609 
All nominations must be received by January 31, 2020 to be considered. 
Award Categories
The Deborah Greenblatt Distinguished Service Award - To honor an individual or organization that has contributed, in a distinguished manner, to the promotion of rights of and/or services to North Carolina citizens with developmental disabilities. This prestigious award honors the life of Deborah Greenblatt, a warrior for justice. The winner of this award will have had a tremendous impact in their community or in the state. This is one of the highest honors given by The Arc of NC. 
The Victor Hall Leadership Award- To recognize outstanding leadership in the self-advocacy field. This prestigious award honors Victor Hall, a true self-advocate and leader in the self- advocacy movement. The winner of this award will have had a tremendous impact on their community or state. 
Legislative Award – (Traditionally been a nomination by our lobbyist and approved at the board level but is being brought back to chapters.) – To recognize and honor an elected official in the state of North Carolina whose contributions of time and service have had great impact on the quality of life, rights of, and services to people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. *Does not need to be a member of the General Assembly, as in years past. *
Volunteer of the Year - To recognize a volunteer (individual, couple, or family) who has given generously of time and talents to accomplish the mission of The Arc in their community. 
Chapter Innovation Award - (formerly the Communicator Award) - To honor unique innovative programming within a chapter, to include any outstanding communication efforts (print or video projects) of local chapters of The Arc.
Sibling Award – To recognize the sibling (adult or child) of a person with I/DD whose actions and efforts at home and in the community have made a positive impact on that sibling and his/her family.
Employer of the Year Award - To recognize employers having exceptional records of providing inclusive competitive employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. 
I/DD Professional Award - To recognize an individual employed in community developmental disabilities services or supports (chapter staff, mid-level manager, QP, for example) who has demonstrated sensitivity and the ability to provide outstanding support which results in increased independence for people with developmental disabilities. (Not DSP; see below). 
Distinguished Educator Award - To recognize an educator (special or general ed, preschool, K-12, private or charter, or higher education educator) who has demonstrated excellence in teaching students with developmental disabilities, working in or toward more inclusive education. (Award reimburses $300 for related conference/training expenses.) 
Direct Support Professional Award – To recognize extraordinary commitment by an individual employed to provide direct support, or service, to a person/people with developmental disabilities. This award honors a person whose support fosters growth, independence, community inclusion and dignity. (A check for $100 accompanies this award.) 
Unsung Hero - To recognize an Executive Director or President of a smaller chapter (budget under $100,000-with staff or all-volunteer) whose advocacy efforts have impacted the local community and people with disabilities. 
The Inclusive Community Award- Recognizes an organization that builds connections within the entire community to support people with and without disabilities in an inclusive setting.