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Author: Holly Watkins, Public Relations Manager, The Arc of North Carolina

We are celebrating our 65th anniversary in 2018, and one of the ways we are honoring our reach across this great state is by breathing new life into our old blog.

In the past, our blog has focused exclusively on state and national policy issues related to intellectual and developmental disabilities. While we will still include blog posts that involve state and national policy issues, we’ve decided to make the blog more personal and use it as a place to share stories.

The blog will feature contributing writers who will highlight their stories and talk about how they are affected by issues concerning the people we champion at The Arc of NC: people with I/DD and their family members.. We will feature more in-depth pieces on some of the services that we offer, such as housing and guardianship.

We also want to highlight services being offered by other organizations that benefit individuals with I/DD and their families; for example, how to save money with The NC ABLE Program. The issues affecting individuals with I/DD hits home for me. For most of my life, I have been familiar with the world of intellectual and developmental disabilities. My sister, Kristin, was born with I/DD. She is non-verbal and has limited motor skills. She came into the world at a time when parents were being told that they should consider turning their child over to an institution because nothing could be done for them and they would not have a productive life. Fortunately, my parents decided to keep her at home and began to look for places where she could receive a meaningful education and life skills.

My parents found a place where Kristin was around others with similar intellectual and developmental disabilities. She learned basic sign language so that she could communicate and some life skills, like folding laundry. She loves listening to her music and being outside in the sun.

We were fortunate that we found services and a place for Kristin that suited her life and her needs. Others may not be so lucky, which is why The Arc tirelessly advocates for individuals with I/DD and their families. Our mission is to secure for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to choose and realize their goals of where and how they learn, live, work and play. Because of the early advocacy efforts of The Arc and parents of children with I/DD, there are many supports, services, and housing options available.

Once you finish reading our blog, check out some of the other sections of our website. We offer many services including a strong chapter network, housing opportunities, Medicaid and waiver services, and even some foster care and supported employment services in some regions. Ask us for more info, as we know it can be very overwhelming and look so different depending where in North Carolina you live.

If you have questions, topic suggestions, or comments about the blog, feel free to send an email to