Updated information on health care legislation in the US Senate

Posted by The Arc of North Carolina

It looks like we are rushing toward the finish line with the likelihood that we will see a “skinny” repeal bill put up for a vote. There will be machinations; sturm und drang; amendments galore; but when it comes down to it, there will likely be a vote on a bill that repeals three things: the individual mandate, the business mandate, and the medical devices tax. Don’t be fooled that this is nothing. Here’s what this would do:

• Throw over 15 million people off of health care
• Raise health insurance premiums by 20% EACH YEAR for the foreseeable future
• Destabilize the health insurance markets
• Lay a path for a conference bill that will include Medicaid cuts and caps

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All of these outcomes will be bad for people with disabilities, especially those in rural areas and those families making below the median household income.

So what to do. Now is the last great push—call, e-mail, visit offices, use social media. Here are the messages:

• NONE of the plans put forward in the Senate create more or better health care for Americans
• NONE of the plans protect people with disabilities
• The SKINNY bill denies health care to over 15 million people
• The SKINNY plan is still a threat to Medicaid if the bill goes to conference
• The Senate should not relinquish its responsibility to create good policy
• It is time to kill these bills
• It is time for bi-partisan efforts to improve health care
• Vote NO on the skinny bill and reach across the aisle to improve health care

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Like Tuesday, we need thousands and thousands of phone calls, e-mails, visits, and social media posts before 8:00 p.m. EDT to Senate offices.

Thank you for hanging in there and thank you for your efforts these past months—let’s win this one!

Let Senator Tillis & Senator Burr know how devastating these cuts would be to you and your family. The time for action is NOW.

Call Senator Thom Tillis at (202) 224-6342

Call Senator Richard Burr at (202) 224-3154