The Arc of NC's Video on Social Security & People with Disabilities on

Kira WilsonThe Arc of NC's video on Social Security and people with disabilities, featuring our friend Kira, has been picked up by! UpWorthy gets millions of pageviews a month, and is one of the top 150 websites in the United States by number of visitors.

In the video, Kira tells her personal story about how she depends on Social Security to help pay for her most basic expenses, and how she struggles even with the program's small financial support.

Check out the UpWorthy page here!

While widely considered a retirement program by most people, countless individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and others rely on the Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) Social Security programs as a financial lifeline for independent and semi-independent living, including over 870,000 disabled adult children (DAC) receiving benefits through their parent's work credits.

OASDI programs insure against poverty and are essential for people with disabilities, but this lifeline is at risk. While Social Security is solvent until 2037 , concern over projected shortfalls and a growing discussion of our nation's debt has made this successful, previously "untouchable" program vulnerable to potential benefit cuts. While future proposals aren't clear, one thing is: if communities most impacted by a weakened Social Security don't use their voices to engage in the national dialogue of adequacy and solvency, their benefits may be at risk.

The Arc of North Carolina, with funding from the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) and the support of 12 state partnering organizations, is creating accessible materials to education and empower individuals with IDD and their families. 

  • Meet Kira, a bold self-advocate speaking out on this issue, and forward the YouTube video to your friends.
  • Read up on fact sheets specific to our community.
  • Stay tuned to The Arc of North Carolina for ways to interact with your lawmakers and use your most powerful tool for change: your own voice.



How can we get involved and help Kira?

Is there anyway to get involved with Kira situation and help her financially such as donations?


Is there some way to share this story and get direct contributions to pay her bills?

Kiras story touched me very

Kiras story touched me very emotionally and made me cry.

Is it possible for me to help Kira in some way?


Many thanks for providing subtitles.

One thing I noticed: the use of the term "adult children' at the end of the video, in this particular context.

Kira is an adult, not a child. Why use that term to refer to people like her?

Apart from that thing, good video. Thanks once again.

Adult children refers to

Adult children refers to people's children who are adults, or grown children. The distinction is made to indicate that 'children' does not just refer to minor (under 18 years old) children, which is sometimes assumed.

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